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Partners in Practice


Stockport are delivering a programme of work that builds on their previous innovations. They are taking the Stockport Family Programme of Innovation and System Change to the next stage.

They are also offering peer-to-peer support for other local authorities, supporting up to six authorities each year.

Understanding what works

Stockport are building on the Stockport Family Programme of Innovation and System Change, to create the necessary conditions for good outcomes for children and families. This involves Stockport:

  • further developing their learning, development and improvement hub to become a centre for excellence in the recruitment and retention of staff;
  • extending their ‘team around the school’ programme to early years provision;
  • further developing a complex safeguarding service to work with vulnerable children and young people and adults at risk or victims of exploitation and abuse;
  • building on their local edge of care services; and
  • improving the pathway for vulnerable young people that transition to other services within the authority.


Sector improvement

Stockport are offering intensive peer to peer support for up to 12 local authorities over the course of the programme.

They are offering whole system support underpinned by a restorative practice approach. Stockport can provide support to authorities on recruitment and retention approaches including workforce development; a ‘Team around the school’ model; reducing looked after children rates with a particular focus on edge of care and exiting care; providing support with integrated complex safeguarding arrangements and the Local Offer for Care Leavers.


Other Partners in Practice