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Partners in Practice


The Tyneside Alliance is a partnership between North Tyneside Council and South Tyneside Council. The Tyneside Alliance aims to deliver peer-to-peer support to up to five authorities each year. As part of the programme, both authorities are delivering different ‘understanding what works’ projects. North Tyneside is developing a new, multi-agency edge of care service and South Tyneside are focusing on services for care leavers.

Understanding what works

North Tyneside are accelerating their new edge of care model, developing a whole system approach to early help and statutory services.

North Tyneside are creating a new, co-located multi-agency team. It is bringing together practitioners from youth offending, fostering, schools, health, the police and the voluntary sector. The focus is on intensive, short-term support, underpinned by a restorative approach.

South Tyneside are developing their WorkPlace offer further to ensure that care leavers are supported to be ambitious and confident about their education and work, and have skills, aptitudes and circumstances which enhance employability. In doing so they will transform the local offer in the quality of education, training and employment on offer for care leavers.

South Tyneside are also learning more about the outcomes for care leavers in the long term, and help redesign services using their knowledge and experiences.


Sector improvement

The Tyneside Alliance are offering bespoke and targeted peer support to up to ten local authorities over two years.

The Alliance is working with individual local authorities for at least 60 days, delivering focussed support to bring about sustained improvements in Children’s Services.

Working alongside staff at all levels in the host authority, the Alliance is co-designing solutions to identified challenges, whilst helping authorities build on their strengths, and make the cultural change required to improve outcomes for children and young people.


Other Partners in Practice