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Hampshire County Council

Hampshire is continuing to deliver a system wide change that places children and families at the centre of practice within a multi-disciplinary context, based around the ‘Hampshire Approach’ framework and evidence based practice.

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Over the past few years Hampshire has delivered a system wide change that places children and families at the centre of a multi-disciplinary service, based around the single ‘Hampshire Approach’ and evidence-based practice. The service model is supported by process and technology, releasing the capacity of staff so they can undertake evidence-based work with children and families, building strength and resilience in families. In this next phase Hampshire is extending and developing the ‘Hampshire Approach’ to its residential and fostering service areas. The learning from Hampshire’s internal transformation supports a central element of the sector led improvement offer.


Understanding Excellence

Hampshire continues to transform its service around five key principles:


  • A family service – a system focussing on improving outcomes for children in the family context
  • A social work led, integrated, multi-disciplinary service, from the front door through to specialist services
  • An approach supporting social workers to deliver meaningful interventions and create lasting change
  • Improved flexibility for good practice to flourish
  • Children are supported by and within their own family/community wherever possible


The Transforming Social Care programme developed in the first phase of Hampshire’s Partners in Practice work (2016-2020) continues, and through the Modernising Placements Programme Hampshire plans to build upon the foundation of the Hampshire Approach by embedding a culture of trauma informed parenting for all our looked after children. This evidence-based approach will enable foster carers and staff to:


  • Understand the impact of trauma on a child
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of trauma
  • Respond in a way that supports the child without causing further trauma


The Modernising Placements Programme also looks to develop new pathways into and out of the care system and to increase the range of specialist placements.

Sector improvement

Hampshire has used its role as a PiP to build and develop internal capacity and resilience to effectively support, enable and build learning within the sector.


The Hampshire Sector Led improvement team provides transformation and improvement support to Children’s Services nationally and regionally which enable measurable improvements to performance and outcomes for all children. Hampshire offers a bespoke service that meets the needs of individual authorities in addition to providing packages of support in all the key areas (for example, performance management, quality assurance processes, developing leadership and management and front door). The team is experienced in balancing assurance and peer challenge with improvement support through working collaboratively and using skills such as peer mentoring, coaching and restorative approaches. The team also offers continuous service delivery improvements across the whole service in a way that ensures the work is strength based in its approach. Hampshire shares learning from our own internal transformation, including developing practice methodology and helpful toolkits. They can support and achieve system wide change, including creating a diagnostic approach for use within other authorities as well as individual service issues.

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