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Learning and

The Innovation Programme is more than a portfolio of individual projects. Projects are building understanding about what works and what doesn’t to share that learning across the system.


Robust evaluation of the Innovation Programme and Partners in Practice (PiP) is crucial in providing independent evidence of the methods that work. It’s also a powerful tool for us to share learning with leaders and practitioners.

Learn more about our evaluation approach

We have included the thematic evaluation reports for Round One projects below, you may find that these provide evidence which can support you to innovate in your local context. The individual evaluation reports can be found on the relevant project pages

Learning about innovation

If you’re a local authority or third sector organisation thinking about starting an innovation project, or currently in the mobilisation phase, you might find the guides below useful. You will find insights from current projects, suggesting some of the most helpful methods for testing new approaches and the conditions needed for innovation to thrive. There are examples from within and beyond the Innovation Programme.

You can find the following resources below:

Evaluation reports – these reports, conducted by the Rees Centre, look at the evidence across the Round One projects.

Innovation insight boards – these provide ‘how to’ insights about innovation in children’s social care, including the approaches projects are finding helpful and the conditions required for innovation to thrive.

Learning summaries – these aim to provide thought provoking ideas and insights from the Innovation Programme, drawing on the evaluations of Round One projects, IP learning events and on-the-ground experiences of projects.

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