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Partners in Practice


Camden are developing a new model of support for adolescents who experience multiple risks, which streamlines the multiagency response to these young people. Camden are also offering whole system improvement support to up to four authorities over the course of the programme.

You can find out more about children’s social care practice and innovation projects in Camden at their Children’s Safeguarding and Social Work Portal


Understanding what works

Camden are establishing a new model of support for 13+ adolescents who experience multiple risks (which includes, but is not exclusive to, sexual exploitation, gangs, youth violence, drug running, modern slavery and radicalisation). This model will streamline the multiagency response to these young people and deals with the multiple complexities they face and which recognises overlapping themes.

This model complements and mirrors the statutory processes currently used to assess and intervene with younger children and ensure they are reflected for the adolescent group.

The model will:

  • Identify the full range of risk and exploitation experienced by young people and put in place single shared multiagency plans to alleviate risk.
  • Seek to reduce and consolidate the current number of meetings, assessments and plans concerning a particular young person and family to ensure even better sharing of information and true multiagency focus on a single plan.
  • Enable the development of supportive relationships between young people, their parents and professionals using a relational and restorative, strengths-based approach.
  • Train all practitioners in Camden to work across all specialisms working with adolescents at risk.
  • Enable Camden to work towards even greater integration with partners with a cross-agency systemic practice model.
  • Facilitate work across the services for adolescents with complex needs so that they can develop a single shared plan for the child and their family and all practitioners can work across all specialisms.

Sector improvement

Camden can offer bespoke peer support to up to two authorities each year. They will deliver up to 100 days per local authority, following a diagnostic of need.

Camden have expertise in Multiagency Safeguarding Hubs (MASH)/Front door, practice systems and young people experiencing multiple complex risks. They will offer whole system support.

Camden are also providing support for Croydon Council.


Other Partners in Practice