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Staying Close, Staying Connected

Project start date: January 2018

We (Break Charity) were awarded up to £1.3m to offer 70 care leavers across the region the option to ‘Stay Close, Stay Connected’ to their children’s home by living together in ‘moving on’ houses, giving them access to a holistic model of services to support a successful transition to independence and adulthood.

Project Summary


Care leavers who leave their children’s home and transition to independent living can experience poor outcomes. Alongside this, many struggle with the isolation of independent living and can suffer with mental health issues. Within Norfolk and Cambridge County Councils there are a high number of care leavers who are not in education, employment or training, live in unsuitable accommodation or who have lost contact with the local authority.

Our innovation will create a long-term culture change within care leaver services in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. A multi-agency approach to life long support for young people will be created, enabling flexible allocation of resources. The intervention will include a number of innovative functions designed to support young care leavers in their transition from care. We will establish ‘moving on houses’ which will enable independence skill development to occur in a stable and supported setting. This will work alongside emotional and physical wellbeing services that will help develop young people’s emotional resilience and support their mental health in the long-term.

Opportunities for training, employment and education will be provided and encouraged with the aim to raise the aspirations from managing on benefits to being self supporting.  Furthermore, training packages for residential care staff will be co-designed with young people to better prepare them for independent living.  The project will run from January 2018 to June 2020.

Project contact details

Rachel Leslie

Project Implementation Manager

Project evaluators

Oxford / York Collaboration

Project partners

Cambridgeshire County Council, Norfolk County Council, Living Sport Cambridgeshire, Active Sport Norfolk

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