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South East Together Dynamic Purchasing System

Project start date: March 2015

We (West Sussex County Council) were awarded £350k to explore the viability of establishing a Regional Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to support the commissioning and procurement of placements in Independent and Non-Maintained Special Schools and independent children’s homes. Despite foreseeing challenges with implementation, we learnt that it was technically viable to establish a regional DPS.

Project Summary


The South East Together Dynamic Purchasing System (SET DPS) project explored the feasibility of establishing a new regional DPS, an electronic procurement tool, to support placements in independent and non-maintained special schools. As a development stage project, we did not seek to deliver improved outcomes for children within this timeframe. We were six partners in total, West Sussex, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, Kent, Surrey and South London Consortium. We aimed to build on existing or in-progress initiatives which the partners had begun developing prior to April 2015, and which are focused on improving the commissioning of specialist provision. We explored the viability of a Regional DPS approach with a view to influencing overall value for money in future years, if implemented.

The project involved: scoping the feasibility of establishing a new regional DPS; developing an outcomes-based framework for commissioning; collecting more detailed financial information to better understand value for money in placements; and informing the review of the national contracts.

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Project contact details

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Project evaluators

Cordis Bright

Project partners

Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, Kent, Surrey and the South London Consortium (a SEN commissioning consortium comprising ten London Boroughs)

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