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Project no longer live

Residential Migration

Creating specialist placements, with a focus on co-produced care planning, to allow disabled young people to transfer to local foster care from out-of-area residential placements.

Project Description

The primary aims of the Residential Migration project were to enable a significant proportion of the disabled children in care to transfer successfully to specialist foster care placements, which are provided by well-motivated and trained foster carers receiving bespoke support.

Each child’s care plan was co-produced between the child and parent, with clear outcomes and milestones defined throughout the process. A focus on intelligent local recruitment and applying a profile of successful specialist foster carers allowed suitable foster carers to be recruited. Alongside this, triangulation work with social workers, IROs and parents helped to identify those young people most suitable for foster care.

Project and support staff were trained in the care of disabled young people and in order to be able to meet their specific needs. Project coordinators mapped the service network that supports each young person to ensure continuity of care.


DfE funded independent evaluation will be published in 2020.

Lead Organisation

Credo Care


Staffordshire County Council

Hertfordshire County Council


Hertfordshire and Staffordshire




Funding Information

Funding theme: Other

Total amount awarded


Round 2 July 2017