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Reboot West

Project start date: January 2020

We (Bristol City Council) were awarded up to £2.25m to create an innovative, psychologically informed model. Working alongside our delivery partner, 1625 Independent People (1625ip), the model will develop care leavers motivation, psychological skills and aspirations in order to transform learning and employment outcomes. This will be implemented across Bristol, Bath and North-East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire and will help to establish a Corporate Family Approach across the region.

Project Summary


Current systems and approaches are failing to substantially transform outcomes for care leavers who are not in education, employment or training. They requre more intensive, psychologically informed support to develop the resilience and self-efficacy needed to be able to access and sustain education, employment and training (EET). If the psychological and practical needs of care leavers are not being met effectively, this can lead to them feeling isolated, excluded and poorly prepared.

To address this issue, 1625 Independent People (1625ip) will recruit a new team of EET workers, highly skilled at building relationships with care leavers, employers and training providers, co-located in Local Authority Leaving Care teams to ensure the project is effective and collaborative.

As part of the project four key solution strands will be implemented.

  1. Trusting relationships: staff and volunteers trained to meet care leavers psychological and practical needs, develop skills and support them to achieve.
  2. Positive experiences: working holistically to build trust/motivation in young people, using peer support and community mentoring.
  3. Maximising stability: psychologically informed, flexible and co-ordinated in-work support will help to overcome challenges and enable the move from ‘services’ to a sustainable community model that supports independence.
  4. Partnerships: engaging businesses, public and voluntary sectors in providing opportunities that meet care leavers’ needs and aspirations.

Our approach builds on 1625ip’s experience of operating Psychologically Informed Environments and local authority implementation of strengths based approaches. Current EET programmes often concentrate on those closest to employment, or offer opportunities that do not always fit care leavers aspirations. This project will place care leavers in the driving seat alongside local business leaders who understand their workforce gaps to offer care leavers the opportunity of achieving sustainable work.

The social impact bond model will:

Project contact details

Ann James

Project evaluators

Project partners

1625 Independent People, Bridges Fund Management, South Gloucestershire Council, Bath and North East Somerset Council, North Somerset Council

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