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Permanence Improvement Project

Project start date: February 2015

We (Coram) received £600k to pilot in-depth, data-led and practice-based improvements with two local authorities’ adoption services. The aim was to secure permanent placements faster, thereby improving child outcomes, reducing costs and providing better post-placement support. Due to our project, children with confirmed adoption plans spent less time in public care.

Project Summary


Through this project, we intended to enhance the wellbeing of children who could not live safely at home, focusing in particular on cases where adoption was the permanence plan. Life chances for these children were expected to increase as less time would be spent in care. This would include particularly those children with the most complex needs, who would achieve stability and permanence at a younger age than had previously been the case.


We wanted to improve local authority service capacity and capability by extending and accelerating the implementation of a bespoke data-led and practice-based approach to adoption in two local authorities. We aimed to generate practice improvement by using Coram consultancy alone or by introducing a Coram managed service model. Once exemplary practice principles and methods modelled were confirmed as effective at the local level, we would replicate this nationally.


Due to the success of our project, we have been awarded a further £916,000 over 2 years to apply the expertise gained from our successful adoption improvement work to permanency planning and finding long-term foster placements with four local authorities.

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