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North London Children’s Efficiency Programme

Project start date: February 2015

We (NLCEP) were awarded £374k to provide a short term residential unit model to provide intensive theraputic support to children in or on the edge of care and their families across five London boroughs. The aim of this regional collaboration/commissioning was to establish a regional placements team and a more sustainable service.

Project Summary


We believe that young people entering care should be placed locally rather than far away from home. That being close to friends and family and having access to local services, improve outcomes for young people and reduce costs. As a partnership, we worked collaboratively across 5 London boroughs to try to improve outcomes for young people on the edge of care. We aimed to achieve this through opening a specialised residential assessment facility for young people entering care, or already in care, and their families, or carers, in order to  support stability, or re-unification within the family, or provide a period in which to carry out a comprehensive assessment, so that a suitable alternative, long-term placement could be determined if a return home was not possible.

We intended to achieve our outcomes by:

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Martin Pratt

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Ipsos Mori

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Camden, Hackney, Islington, Haringey, Enfield

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