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Creating Stronger Communities

Project start date: February 2015

We (North East Lincolnshire) were awarded £1.06m to create an innovative approach to social care, called the ‘Creating Stronger Communities’ model. This redesign fundamentally adapted the way local practitioners and partners worked together to safeguard children. This approach helped support a reduction in the number of individuals and families requiring intensive support.

Project Summary


North East Lincolnshire has seen a rise in the number of children identified as being ‘in need’, with a significant rise in the number of looked after children and child protection plans in recent years. A high proportion of these cases were repeat referral cases and this has put substantial strain on services in the region.

The innovation brought together four established tools within social work and community practice: outcomes based accountability, restorative practices, Signs of Safety and Family Group Conferencing. This shift enabled practitioners to accurately identify risk and focus practice on conflict resolution at the earliest stage. Furthermore, it ensured there was mediated support for families and children, with a focus on outcomes, rather than processes, at the centre of support.

Within North East Lincolnshire, further innovation funding will be used to utilise the ‘Creating Stronger Communities’ approach to help improve the outcomes for children as they transition from care within Children’s Homes.

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