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Scaling and Deepening the Reclaiming Social Work Model

Implementing the Reclaiming Social Work approach in five local authorities, establishing ‘keeping families together’ units targeting teenagers on the edge of care.

Project Description

Scaling the embedding the Reclaiming Social Work (RSW) model first developed in Hackney.

The work focusses on overcoming systemic barriers to practice and includes:

  1. The recruitment and development of consultant social workers who lead small, multi-RSW units trained in systemic practice, with shared case-loads and systemic case discussions.
  2. Implementation of a Keeping Families Together unit to support families to stay together by targeting teenagers on the edge of care.
  3. Reducing the administrative burden inherent within social work teams by streamlining administrative processes. This includes an RSW unit co-ordinator to free up practitioner time to spend on direct work with families.

Morning Lane Associates have worked with five local authorities to scale the model (including Derbyshire, Harrow, Hull, Southwark, Buckinghamshire), in partnership with the Tilda Goldberg Centre for Social Work and the University of Bedfordshire.


The DfE-funded independent evaluation published in 2017 found that:

Lead Organisation

Morning Lane Associates


Buckinghamshire County Council

Derbyshire County Council

Harrow Council

Hull City Council

London Borough of Southwark


Derbyshire, Harrow, Hull, Southwark and Buckinghamshire




Funding Information

Funding theme: Rethinking Social Work

Total amount awarded


Round 1 Oct 2014

Other information