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Havering: Face to Face Pathways

Project start date: September 2017

We (Havering) were awarded up to £2.4m to offer a multi-agency systemic service for 11-24 year olds comprising social workers, foster carers, family therapists, pathway practitioners and other specialists through a co-produced framework of services. Our project, called Face To Face Pathways, aims to change the system conditions, to improve outcomes for young people.

Project Summary


Havering has experienced greater levels of in-migration that any other London borough, resulting in an increase of 26% of children within the care system since 2013. There has been a particular rise in the number of Looked After Children coming into care for the first time. This increase has put huge pressure on in-care service and has resulted in young people frequently placed in high-cost out-of-area placements. This has also driven an increase in care leavers, with some not receiving the most suitable support in their transition to adulthood.

Face To Face Pathways will;

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