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Gloucestershire Innovation Project

A unified authority-wide approach for adolescents, including dedicated multi-agency teams for over 11-year-olds and practice based on integrated attachment theory and restorative practice.

Project Description

The project aims to bring about a step change in service for vulnerable young children aged 10-25 and their families through two distinct aims: (i) To test a new practice theory which includes integrated attachment and resilience theory with restorative practice (ii) To develop a unified authority-wide service for the most vulnerable families, combining expertise from targeted youth support, children’s social care and the CAMHS element of the NHS.

The new service pooled expertise from youth support, children’s social care and CAMHS. Alongside this a new practice approach was developed. This ‘BASE model’ integrated attachment theory and restorative practice within a competency framework as well as a suite of assessment and case management tools.

Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) rolled-out the BASE model county-wide, with the aim of covering approximately 300 professionals and 2,500 young people, and is investing a further circa £6million in developing a multi professional service for the most high risk young people (including residential and foster care provision).

Certain elements of the BASE model (e.g. risk assessment) remain in use within GCC. As of February 2020, stakeholders have refocused on developing a new integrated service for high-risk adolescents in care with complex needs known locally as the Intensive Recovery Intervention Service (IRIS).


The DfE-funded independent evaluation published in 2017 found that:

Lead Organisation

Gloucestershire County Council


Prospects (Shaw Trust)





South West


Helen Price
IRIS lead
Gloucestershire County Council


Funding Information

Funding theme: Rethinking Social Work

Total amount awarded


Round 1 March 2015

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