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Female Genital Mutilation Early Intervention Model

Project start date: December 2014

We (Mayor’s Office of Policing and Crime) were awarded £558k to identify and protect children from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) across five London Boroughs, by placing specialist FGM workers within pre and ante-natal services. Our project aimed to provide FGM information, emotional support and practical care to families and children.

Project Summary


FGM causes grievous physical and emotional harm and violates the human rights of women and girls. It is a widespread concern within London and many victims, or potential victims, do not receive the emotional, practical support and guidance needed.

As part of the pilot, FGM clinics were located within hospital midwifery services and staffed by specialist FGM workers, including social workers, therapists, community and health advocates from community organisations and specialist FGM midwives. Staff were able to give advice on the law around FGM and safeguarding children, as well as more general support.

Alongside work in FGM clinics, pilot staff undertook work to develop new FGM-specific assessment and intervention tools and protocols, delivered training and events to relevant professionals and engaged with members of potentially-affected communities,  in orderto identify local needs and strengthen efforts to raise awareness of FGM-related issues.


Click here to read the literature and evidence review undertaken at the start of the evaluation.

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Hamera Asfa Davey

Programme Manager, VAWG Team, MOPAC

Project evaluators


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Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Tri borough

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