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Family Valued

Embedding restorative practice across children’s services, including family group conferencing, domestic violence prevention and pre-birth assessment.

This project is being scaled by Strengthening Families

Project Description

A small number of children and families in Leeds have a disproportionate impact on limited social care resources, with repeated demand for services raising the costs of provision and pressures experienced by these services. Since 2010, 25 local multi-agency partnerships have been in place across Leeds, with just six of these accounting for 50% of referrals received by social care. Leeds has a clear aim: to safely and appropriately reduce the number of children unnecessarily coming into care.

Family Valued is a package of resources embedding restorative practice as the ethos across all services interacting with young people in the city, while developing family group conferencing as an offer to all families subject to an Initial Child Protection Conference, including in cases of domestic violence.

Targeted deep-dive training has been delivered to over 6,000 practitioners from across the children’s workforce and beyond, including the NHS, police, youth offending teams, housing and social work, 800 school staff and 500 staff from the third sector. The use of family group conferencing has been expanded to a level not previously seen in the UK, with over 600 conferences held in 2016 including in cases of domestic violence. In addition, services have been commissioned specifically for families experiencing domestic violence or who had a child taken in to care. Weekly data on progress is displayed visibly across the council to inspire and motivate staff.

Family Valued has continued to run beyond the funding period of the Innovation Programme. New staff are being embedded in existing structures to ensure the continuity of the service and the new approach to domestic violence is being mainstreamed into practice in services across the city. The approach is being scaled nationally through the government’s Strengthening Families programme launched in 2019.


DfE funded independent evaluation from 2017 found that:

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Leeds City Council

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Yorkshire and the Humber


Funding Information

Funding theme: Rethinking Social Work

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Round 1 Jan 2015

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