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Family Valued

Project start date: January 2015

We were awarded £4.85m to embed restorative practices within social care systems and children’s services. This included developing Family Group Conferencing as a core offer for families and intensive work on domestic violence prevention and pre-birth assessment.

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Project Summary


A small number of children, and their families, have a disproportionate impact on limited social care resources, with repeated demand for services raising the costs of provision and pressures experienced by these services. Restorative-based, early help and prevention work on a ‘whole system’ scale, offers the potential for a sustainable, cost effective approach to changing long-term patterns.

The programme had three key elements. Initially, training was delivered to over 6,000 practitioners from across the children’s workforce. Secondly, the use of Family Group Conferencing has been scaled to more areas, with over 600 conferences held in 2016. These restorative conferences, led by trained co-ordinators, bought extended family members and friends together to find solutions to issues that affect young people, and support them in implementing these solutions. Finally, more services were commissioned particularly for those families experiencing domestic violence or who had a child taken in to care.

The Family Values project will continue to run beyond the funding period of the Innovation Programme. With regards to Family Group Conferencing new staff are being embedded in to existing structures to ensure the continuity of the service and the work around domestic violence is now being mainstreamed into practice.


Click here to read the literature and evidence review undertaken at the start of the evaluation. (Appendices)

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