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Family Group Conferencing

Project start date: November 2014

We (Daybreak) were awarded £728k to test out a mandatory offer of Family Group Conferences (FGC) to families who are on the brink of court proceedings for child protection – working with Southwark and Wiltshire councils.

Project Summary


FGC’s are used, within the social care framework, to provide care plans and safe placements for children on the brink of court proceedings. FGC’s require substantial financial input and their effectiveness can be hampered by a range of factors including variable practices and a lack of child voice in the process.

Daybreak, in collaboration with Southwark and Wiltshire children’s services, offered an FGC to all families issued with a Public Law Outline letter. Through the use of FGC’s we aimed to ensure the voice of children was fully integrated in to decision making.

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Project contact details

Please contact the local authority for further detail

Project evaluators

Thomas Coram Research Unit, UCL Institute of Education

Project partners

London Borough of Southwark, Wiltshire Council

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