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Family and Adolescent Support Hub (FASH)

Project start date: December 2014

We (Enfield Borough Council) were awarded £2.065m to create the Family and Adolescent Support Hub, which radically redesigned support for adolescents, on the edge of care.

Project Summary


Late-entrant adolescents into social care, are at particularly high risk of poor outcomes, with associated high risk behaviours, such as school exclusion and criminality, becoming increasingly prevalent in these cases. With many adolescents exhibiting complex needs, there was a need for a more effective early response system, which supports young people, in a more holistic and comprehensive nature.

We created a multi-disciplinary, rapid reaction service that works intensively with children, young people and their families to keep young people out of the care system, where this is in their best interests, and to prevent negative outcomes. The cornerstone of the service was comprehensive assessments and case planning carried out by qualified Social Workers, involving other professionals as appropriate, which formed a bespoke, sequenced intervention for the whole family – a team around the family – for up to nine months.

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Paul Sutton
Assistant Director, Service Development and Youth Services


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York Consulting

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