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Families Achieving Change Together (FACT)

Project start date: February 2015

We (Cheshire East and Catch 22) were awarded £1.4m to develop a new approach to supporting children assessed as being a Child in Need (CIN).

Project Summary


Children identified as being within the Children-in-Need (CIN) spectrum often do not receive the proactive interventions required to tackle any underlying causes of concerns, which can lead to repeat escalations in risk and need. This is exacerbated by a combination of factors including; a shortage of social workers and a natural tendency to prioritise cases perceived to present higher risks, which can lead to CIN interventions being reactive in response to a crisis.

We developed a ‘pod’ model of support for children in need in Crewe, which focused on families experiencing domestic abuse, mental ill-health and substance abuse. Led by a social work consultant, practitioners provide day-to-day support alongside peer mentors and volunteers. All are trained in solutions-focused strength-based interventions, with the family’s own approach to addressing risk at the forefront of the practice.

Following Project Crewe’s successful pilot, Catch22’s innovative children’s social care model has received further funding from Cheshire East. Catch22’s success in reducing the number of children in need in Crewe has led to the approach continuing in Crewe and being replicated with a second team based in Macclesfield.

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Kate Wareham
Director, Young People and Families, Catch22

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