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Extended HOPE Service

Project start date: February 2015

We (Surrey Council) were awarded £729k to provide a new overnight respite service, extending their day service (HOPE) out of hours to better respond to the mental health and emotional needs of adolescents (11-18yrs) during a crisis.

Project Summary


There is a gap in out of hours support for young people facing mental health crises. This gap in support can lead to young people unnecessarily presenting at A&E, being inappropriately admitted to paediatric wards, or even ending up in care in an out of county placement.

Extended HOPE in Surrey built on an existing daytime service for 11- to 18-year-olds in the early stages of emotional and mental health difficulties. The project set up an Assessment and Support Service that included both telephone contact and home visits, and the integration of a Residential Service (HOPE House) for young people facing mental health crisis out of hours.

HOPE was a jointly commissioned and funded, multi-agency service that provides therapeutic support for young people who have complex mental health, education and social care needs that cannot be met by one agency alone.

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