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Community Adolescent Service (CAS)

Project start date: November 2014

We (Sefton Council) were awarded £1.1m to create a single, integrated service for adolescents on the edge of care, with a particular focus on those young people at significant risk of gang involvement, child sexual exploitation, going missing and youth crime. The project used active participation and social pedagogy to reduce high-risk behaviours and improve family relationships.

Project Summary


Adolescents in and on the edge of care, have complex, often interrelated, needs and face a wide range of risk factors. For many, their home life is complex and challenging and this has a negative impact on their ability to achieve the positive outcomes they desire. This can leave them in need of support from a range of different agencies. However, the demarcation of services and responsibilities across public service providers currently prevents a shared and consistent approach to supporting young people.

The CAS (Community Adolescent Service) model centred on two multidisciplinary hub teams, using a social pedagogy/relationship-based approach and a single, integrated ‘family plan’. This was guided by a range of core principles. The innovation aimed to create a single referral process, key worker and family plan. The project looked to deliver active participation for young people, at all stages of design and implementation. Furthermore, the service was multi-disciplinary with a shared vision and evidence-based practice, underpinned by training in social pedagogy and restorative practice methods.

Sefton Council have committed to developing many of the features of the project in a sustainably funded CAS service.

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Project contact details

Trish Galloway, Service Manager for Sefton Community Adolescent Service

Karen Bryan, Team Manager


Project evaluators


Project partners

Merseyside Police

Children’s Social Care

Merseyside Probation Service

Sefton VCF

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