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Cambridge Multisystemic Therapy service

Project start date: January 2015

We were awarded £589k to spin out a multi-systemic therapy (MST) service into a public service mutual, run by staff, and offering services to neighbouring local authorities. This service was for adolescents on the edge of care or custody, including those who have been involved in problematic sexual behaviour.

Project Summary


Outcomes for children in care are notoriously poor: 15.3% of looked after children achieved five A*-C’s at GCSE in 2013, compared to 58% overall. Furthermore, the cost to the public purse of looking after a child is estimated to be over £36,000. Research has shown that evidence based interventions such as MST are effective tools at reducing entrants to care, and produce significant public savings.

The aim of the project was to move the MST service from local authority control to a mutual model of delivery, which could be delivered to other local authorities (LAs). The mutual, Family Psychology Mutual (FPM), was envisaged as a more cost effective and sustainable model for the future that provided a framework within which the range of services offered could be extended. The new mutual was intended to provide a consultancy service to other authorities to support their MST services.

Whilst the project has yet to be completed, approval has now been given by Cambridgeshire County Council.


Click here to read the literature and evidence review undertaken at the start of the evaluation.

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Anna Freud Centre (AFC)
Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)
York Consulting

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