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Belhaven Service

Establishing a residential home for young people with mental ill-health, reducing the risk of referral to mental health inpatient services and the breakdown of educational and care arrangements.

Project Description

Mental health is a serious risk to children in, or on the edge of care. Children in care are currently at significant risk of mental ill-health and traditionally have less success in education systems than their peers. Because of this, they are far less likely to go on to further education and employment.

Priory Education Services and Suffolk County Council have established a local 5 bed children’s home for young people in, or on the edge of care, with high levels of mental ill health. Belhaven integrates health, care and education delivery.

Young people at Belhaven are supported to continue attending their current school and are supported by a range of services appropriate to their needs, including CAMHS, Suffolk Connect, psychologists and counselling services.



The DfE-funded independent evaluation published in 2017 found that:

Lead Organisation

Priory Education Services and Suffolk County Council




East of England


Funding Information

Funding theme: Rethinking support for adolescents

Total amount awarded


Round 1 Jan 2015

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