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Looked After Children: Adopting & adapting innovation to improve outcomes

Event start date: 14th July 2017

We held an interactive session focused on adopting innovative responses to the needs of looked after children (LAC), and adapting them to new geographies.

The event featured a number of projects funded through the Innovation Programme, including Bradford’s ‘B Positive Pathways’, North Yorkshire County Council’s ‘No Wrong Door’ and the Fostering Network’s Mockingbird model. There were reflections from the evaluators on learning from the projects and we explored opportunities for a regional Yorkshire & Humberside children’s social care (CSC) learning hub.

The event was targeted at Assistant Directors and Heads of Service in Yorkshire and Humberside who are interested in learning more about innovation and improvement in CSC, and more specifically, how to adopt and adapt innovation to meet the needs of looked after children in a local context. Multidisciplinary colleagues and colleagues from other areas beyond Yorkshire and Humberside also attended.

Purpose & objectives


  1. To learn about adopting promising LAC innovations and adapting them to new contexts and areas.
  2. To learn about opportunities and barriers, and consider how these interventions can be implemented and used.
  3. To explore opportunities for a regional Yorkshire & Humberside CSC learning hub.

Date, time & location


14th July 2017


09.00 - 12.00



Booking your place

Thank you to all those that attended the event and made it a success. Insights on this topic can be viewed by clicking here.