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Social Work Methodology: Implementing a unified theory of practice

Event start date: 13th July 2017

We held an interactive session focusing on the practical learning from projects that have been implementing a unified theory of practice (for example strengths based methods). This will consider practice across all social work services including multidisciplinary teams.

The event involved a number of projects funded by the Innovation Programme including Hertfordshire’s ‘Family Safeguarding’ project and Islington’s ‘Doing What Counts and Measuring What Matters’ project. Additional practitioners will spoke about taking these innovations forwards elsewhere. There were also be reflections from the evaluators on the learning from the projects. We explored the evidenced based benefits of adopting a common approach for improving services and effective ways of implementing this across disciplines and services.

Purpose & objectives


  1. To learn from innovation projects who have implemented a common approach/specific methodology across their services
  2. To learn about the impact of these approaches and the evidence provided by the evaluation reports highlighting the benefits including value for money
  3. To learn about opportunities and barriers, and consider how these methodologies can be implemented and used

Date, time & location


13th July 2017


10.00 - 16.00



Booking your place

Thank you to all those that attended the event and made it a success. Insights on this topic can be viewed by clicking here.