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South London Commissioning Programme

Project start date: April 2019

We (Croydon) were awarded up to £1m to develop sub-regional commissioning arrangements for looked after children across six boroughs, including the development of a sub-regional outcomes-based commissioning approach and standardising best practise. Our project will test co-production with providers and young people and look at how consortia can tackle shared issues.

Project Summary


Boroughs within South London are spot purchasing residential care placements in a large a varied market, with limited resources to manage the market, analyse the data and jointly consider sufficiency. The current context makes the situation increasingly difficult ; there is growing demand for good quality provision; subsequent increasing spend; the need to meet the requirements of the legislation with shrinking resources, and a current budget deficit.

Our innovation brings together six South London boroughs: Merton, Lewisham, Bexley, Sutton, Croydon and the Royal Borough of Greenwich. They will develop a regional approach to commissioning that is integrated, informed by data analysis and will achieve efficiency savings, while concurrently creating a culture change that will establish the necessary environment for an alternative way of working.

During our project a jointly developed commissioning solution will be implemented to efficiently commission value for money placements, delivering the best outcomes for looked after children. A central feature of our commissioning solution will be an ICT platform which will facilitate improved market engagement and decision making in the commissioning process.

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