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Stockport Family Model

Integrating social workers with the wider children’s workforce and locating teams in the heart of communities, linked closely with schools, underpinned by restorative practice to help families to deal with conflict and challenge and repair relationships.

Project Description

Stockport Family is underpinned by restorative practice, helping families to deal with conflict and challenge, and repair relationships. It is an integrated service for children and families delivered through multi-agency, co-located, locality based teams with access to a range of specialist borough-wide services.

To deliver this, Stockport have structured their early help, health and social care workforce around three locality areas and the early help offer has been designed around the local school system, known as ‘the team around’ approach. This approach involves bringing a dedicated early help workforce into school settings in order to improve coordinated and accessible support to struggling families at an early stage, manage concerns locally and reduce referrals.

This model is continuing to develop in Stockport, to enhance pre-pregnancy and early years services. The Stockport Family model is now being scaled and spread across Greater Manchester.


The DfE-funded independent evaluation published in 2017 found that:

Lead Organisation

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council


Integrated Children’s Service




North West


Funding Information

Funding theme: Rethinking Social Work

Total amount awarded


Round 1 Dec 2014

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