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Permanence Improvement Project (Round Two)

Project start date: January 2017

We (Coram-i) were awarded up to £916k to adapt expertise gained from our adoption improvement work to permanency planning and finding long term foster placements with four local authorities. Our aim is to ensure that appropriate permanency plans are made and foster families found who can support those who remain in care without delay.

Project Summary


There are currently issues regarding the quality and timeliness of permanency planning, which we are hoping to address through this project. We aim to minimise delays to achieving permanence, in particular securing long-term foster placements, and developing ways that make those placements last beyond the age of 18. We are seeking to improve the wellbeing and care experience of children and will develop tools for measuring outcomes for care leavers to help achieve this.

In order to achieve the above aims, we will adapt our adoption improvement framework and apply it to permanency planning and finding long-term foster placements. We will also incorporate the Bright Spots methodology, so that children’s wellbeing and their views feed into any improvements and we will develop two tools to enable the measurement of outcomes for care leavers – these are CCFR’s Cost Calculator for Children’s Services and the Bright Spots survey.

As a result of our project, we are hoping to enhance children’s’ wellbeing and life chances by securing permanency for a child as quickly as possible. In finding suitable long-term foster placements and ensuring sufficient support is provided there should be a reduction in LA expenditure due to fewer changes in care placements. Through finding a way to extend the security provided by a foster placement beyond the age of 18, we will help ensure a smooth transition to adulthood and further enhance a young person’s life chances.

Project contact details

Kevin Yong

Natalia Gubbioni


Project evaluators

Tavistock Institute

Project partners

Slough Children’s Services Trust, Wandsworth Borough Council, Northamptonshire County Council, Manchester City Council

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