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Making Integration Happen

Project start date: April 2017

We (Cornwall Council) were awarded £1.9m to explore and if approved set-up a Council owned ADM able to conduct all statutory duties for children’s education, community health and social care . Continuing to improve the outcomes for children and young people, from good to great, whilst reducing waste, improving service effectiveness and value for money.

Project Summary


The current delivery model for children’s services in Cornwall has been effective in improving children’s outcomes, however the ambition to improve further is not sustainable in the face of rising demand and reducing resources. The fragmentation of services across organisations has caused overlap and duplication, which has undermined the efficient use of available resources. Despite widespread support for integration, including consistent feedback from children, young people and families, individual and organisational interests continue to act as a barrier to whole-system change and integration aimed at improving children’s outcomes and reducing costs.

Our innovation will develop, implement and test the transition of children’s services to a new, legally separate entity that has the capacity to take on all delegated statutory duties. The Children’s Trust will allow greater flexibility to set the vision and the focus on children’s outcomes through a framework of partnership relationships. This change represents a whole-system solution to the challenge of improving children’s outcomes at a time of rising demand and reducing resources. Our project aims to improve the outcomes and life chances of all children and young people living in the area, and especially outcomes for children at risk of the adverse childhood experiences.

The Children’s Trust will have a more business-orientated culture, reducing the overlap, duplication and waste in the current system that undermine service effectiveness and the quality of the customer experience. It will deliver value for money through economies of scale, locally to start with and then further afield as the new organisation considers supporting other local authorities and bidding for appropriate contracts through the procurement processes of different commissioners across the region. It will not only mitigate the growing gap in demand and resources but, more importantly, drive whole system innovation and improvement in specific areas of need. It will bring a cultural change that enables greater creativity and agility, reflecting the ambitions of our best people.

The Trust will aim to achieve outcomes on a par with national leading organisations on a range of measures, broadly categorised under the themes of education, health and social care.

Project contact details

James Davies

Project Manager

Project evaluators

Oxford Brookes University

Project partners

Public Health Cornwall

Local Enterprise Partnership

Volunteer Cornwall

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