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Partners in Practice


East Riding of Yorkshire aims to deliver an ambitious development programme, strengthening the practice of children’s social workers by focussing on direct work with children and families.

They are also delivering peer support to up to three local authorities during the course of the programme.

Understanding what works

East Riding of Yorkshire are delivering a project that will see their social work practice shifting from a ‘casework commissioning’ approach to an evidence based ‘direct work intervention’ approach.

The programme aims to progress and test early work about the unique role of a professional social worker in the context of the wider professional network. It is looking at the critical contribution of social work in a multi-agency environment and is testing and developing how professional social workers can best use their skills and knowledge to deliver a ‘direct intervention’ service to children and young people.

Additionally, East Riding are developing a Resilience Service that draws on the skills of Clinical Psychologists, Specialist Social Workers, Play Therapists, and Speech and Language Specialists.

The Resilience Service draws on expertise from the wider social care workforce including Early Years and Youth and Family Support staff to develop a whole system response for children and young people in need of help and protection.


Sector improvement

East Riding of Yorkshire are providing bespoke peer support to up to three local authorities over two years.

They will be providing up to 120 days of support to each authority addressing need across the whole system. The improvement offer takes account of and helps to address the many interdependencies between each service area.


Other Partners in Practice