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Partners in Practice

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Hampshire is delivering a system wide change that places children and families at the centre of a multi-disciplinary service, based around a single ‘Hampshire Approach’ and evidence based practice. The service model will be supported by process and technology, driving efficiencies to release capacity of staff so they can undertake evidence based work with children and families, building strength and resilience in families. Whilst many of the elements are Hampshire focused at first, the learning, resources and tools are being developed in a way that allows them to form a central part of their sector led improvement offer.


Understanding what works

Hampshire is transforming its service around five key principles:

  • A family service – a system focussing on improving outcomes for the child in the context of their family
  • A social work led, integrated, multi-disciplinary service, from the front door through to specialist services
  • A service where social workers are supported to deliver meaningful interventions based on an underpinning methodology of resilience
  • A service where good practice is free to flourish
  • A service where children are supported by and within their own family/community wherever possible

Hampshire is re-designing its Children’s Social Care Service with a focus on three key areas:

  • Family focused and evidence based practice – developing the ‘Hampshire approach’ – a resilience based way of working grounded in academic research. The approach will provide a strengths based structure for staff to work with families and support them o develop resilience within themselves and the community they live in.
  • Dynamic and sustainable multi-disciplinary service – with buy-in and support from across agencies. Hampshire will be working to a single vision, with a single approach and to a single set of measures that put children and families first.
  • Lean and effective service delivery and evidence based practice – Hampshire is reviewing its current processes and technology in order to enable front line staff to spend as much time as possible with children and families to support them to build resilience.



Sector improvement

Hampshire will use its role as a PiP to build and develop internal capacity and resilience in order to be able to effectively support, enable and build learning within the sector. Hampshire’s sector led offer will be developed and delivered in phases, working in collaboration with regional partners to support the development of a culture of self improvement within the sector. The first phase was launched in October 2017: Hampshire will be working alongside the South East authorities who are keen to share their learning. Inititallly Hampshire will be supporting other authorities on establishing and managing an effective front door, effective performance management and quality assurance, and leadership and management.

Other Partners in Practice