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Partners in Practice


Ealing are developing and embedding their Brighter Futures project, their Dyadic Developmental Practice (DDP) and specialist interventions for adolescents with complex and multiple risks. Ealing are using the ‘Ealing Model’ and are sharing this more widely with other authorities.

Ealing are also providing peer support for authorities at risk of failure, with a focus on whole system improvement.

Understanding what works

Ealing are delivering a programme of work to sustain and embed the progress that they have made through their Innovation Programme projects, and share learning knowledge and skills more widely. With this in mind they are currently:

  • Taking their ‘Brighter Futures’ project to the next stage. Ealing are evolving the emerging evidence based Ealing model. This is currently a hybrid of work they have initiated with Ambit (Anna Freud Centre) and the Maudsley, but is developing into a unique Ealing programme that they can deliver and train new staff in and offer to other authorities.
  • Taking Dyadic Developmental Practice (DDP) to the next stage. DDP is a US led initiative that Ealing has taken a lead role in delivering in the UK. DDP is a form of Attachment Focused Family Therapy focused on improving attachment relationships for looked after and adopted children. Ealing foster carers that have not undertaken the nurturing attachments programme and new foster carers will undertake this training.
  • Enhancing specialist interventions and improve outcomes for adolescents with new and complex multiple challenges. This includes those children at risk of involvement in child sexual exploitation, gangs and serious youth violence and risk of radicalisation. Developing the skills and confidence of staff to work with adolescents and their families continuing to reduce numbers needing to enter the care system.
  • Embedding Ealing ways of working within the frontline practice teams. This is being achieved by reviewing progress and continuing to manage caseloads to support the model and improve recruitment and retention. This is supported by an Advanced Practitioner lead in each Team.
  • Further developing quality assurance, extend evaluation, implement local Labour Market supply and demand strategies. This is being achieved by embedding this work within the Ealing Teaching Partnership and creating synergy of learning with local Universities. There is a strong focus on evidence based practice and driving up standards through performance management and evaluation.

Sector improvement

Ealing are offering bespoke peer support for up to eight authorities over two years, addressing an authority’s needs across the whole system. Ealing are offering up to 130 days of support to each authority.

Ealing are offering support across five key strands which are:

  • management and leadership;
  • workforce development;
  • evidence based social work practice;
  • looked after children and care leavers services; and
  • areas of outstanding practice (this includes early help, safeguarding, fostering and adoption, co-production and children in need).

Other Partners in Practice